Advanced Nurse Practitioner & Clinical Pharmacist

Summercroft Surgery have recently introduced the following new roles to the practice. These roles have been developed partly to address demand and workforce issues and are inline the with GP Forward View, click here for further information.


– Advanced Nurse Practitioner

The ANP role

In general practice it is generally understood to mean a nurse who has undertaken extra training in clinical assessment, including history-taking and physical examination, so they can safely manage patients presenting with undifferentiated and undiagnosed conditions.

ANP’s can:

  • prescribe any medicine for any condition within their competence (including some controlled medicines)
  • see patients with undiagnosed, undifferentiated medical conditions and make treatment decisions, including ordering necessary investigations
  • refer patients to secondary care
  • undertake appropriate home visits


– Clinical Pharmacist

The Clinical Pharmacist role

The numbers of pharmacists working in general practice, and the services they provide, has significantly increased in recent years.

Clinical Pharmacist can:

  • Work closely with GPs to resolve day-to-day medicines issues
  • Addressing medicines adherence with patients; reviewing those on complex regimens
  • Managing and prescribing for long-term conditions
  • Triaging and managing common ailments

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