Doctor Appointments

Routine doctor appointments are booked in advance and are scheduled to last ten minutes. In order to work safely, punctually and to give adequate attention to each problem, we ask that patients bring only one problem to each consultation. Please do not be offended if the doctor asks you to book further appointments if you have several problems.

As general practitioners the doctors deal with a huge range of medical problems. All of the doctors at Summercroft have particular areas of interest and skill. Our nurses are also highly trained and skilled. In addition to providing traditional nurse services they work alongside the doctors in managing chronic conditions.

Check the list below to see which doctor might be best suited to deal with your problem.

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  • Find out more about how to book an appointment including our online booking facility.
Dr Balendran

Working days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

 Dr White

CHD & Heart Failure, Kidney Disease (CKD), Cardio Vascular Disease, Hypertension, Gynaecology & Contraception, Maternity, Sexual Health and Women’s Health

Working days: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

 Dr O’Brien

 Women’s Health

Working Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Dr Jiskoot

(Maternity Leave till April 2019)

Children & Adult Safeguarding

Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

 Dr Samarasinghe


Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Dr Ebere Nze

Working Days:


Dr John Brennan

Working Days: