Data Protection & Confidentiality

All patient information is held in confidence in line with General Medical Council guidance and the Data Protection Act 1998. Dr Mark Essop is the Caldicott Guardian.
All persons aged 16 or over have full autonomy with regard to confidentiality. The principles of Gillick and Fraser competence are applied to children aged under 16 years old.

The National Spine and The Summary Care Record

The “National Spine” is a term used to describe a system of data storage which allows access from any care centre in the country to various authorised people (usually caregivers such as doctors). Patient records in some parts of the country have been uploaded to the National Spine already and the NHS intends to continue upload records region by region. Patients are entitled to “opt out” of having their records uploaded. The national deadline for this has passed. However, no records have been uploaded by Summercroft Surgery as yet. Patients who wish to opt out should make their wishes known to the Practice Manager.
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Complaints Procedure

Complaints should be made in writing to the Practice Manager, Summercroft Surgery, Starts Hill Road, Farnborough, Kent, BR7 6EG. Complaints must be made by the person to whom it relates (for adult patients, or a parent or guardian for children). If by an advocate the letter must be accompanied by a signed letter of consent from the person to whom it relates.

Child Protection

Summercroft Surgery is legally obliged to report any concerns regarding child welfare to Bromley Children and Young Person Service. It will work with the service to assist in any investigation regarding child protection. Clinicians within the surgery receive training and are regularly updated on child protection matters.

Freedom of Information

Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 should be made to the Practice Manager.


NHS referrals are made in accordance with local policy (South East London Treatment Access Policy 2011). Specific treatments are subject to scrutiny and may only be available in exceptional circumstances.

Triaged Referrals

Referrals to some specialties are made via the Patient Referral Centre. These referrals are reviewed by a clinician with specialist knowledge who will direct the referral. In the case of Dermatology or Gynaecology this may be to a community clinic rather than the hospital.

Referrals traditionally referred to Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, and Rheumatology Departments are now made via the Bromley Musculoskeletal Pathway. Referrals are scrutinised by a clinician and directed to an appropriate service. For example, patients expecting to see an orthopaedic surgeon may be seen by a physiotherapist first and then by an orthopaedic surgeon if the problem persists.

Closed Circuit Television Monitoring and Recording

CCTV is installed in non-clinical areas of the surgery and images are recorded for the safety and security of staff and patients.

Zero Tolerance

All staff are entitled to work in a non threatening environment. Summercroft Surgery operates a zero tolerance policy in the case of physical or verbal violence or abuse. Instances of abuse will be reported to the police. Where this involves patients or their associate/s, we reserve the right to remove them from the patient list.

Quality and Outcomes Framework

The Quality and Outcomes Framework is the system used by the NHS to measure the performance of a surgery against a long list of targets. Participation is voluntary and a practice is able to focus on areas most relevant to the population it serves.

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