Physiotherapy Referrals


NHS referrals are made in accordance with local policy (South East London Treatment Access Policy 2011). Specific treatments are subject to scrutiny and may only be available in exceptional circumstances.

Triaged Referrals

Referrals to some specialties are made via the Patient Referral Centre. These referrals are reviewed by a clinician with specialist knowledge who will direct the referral. In the case of Dermatology or Gynaecology this may be to a community clinic rather than the hospital.

Referrals traditionally referred to Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, and Rheumatology Departments are now made via the Bromley Musculoskeletal Pathway. Referrals are scrutinised by a clinician and directed to an appropriate service. For example, patients expecting to see an orthopaedic surgeon may be seen by a physiotherapist first, normally at the Crystal Palace Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre,  and then by an orthopaedic surgeon if the problem persists.

Physiotherapy Self Management

For common conditions dealt with by physiotherapists Crystal Palace Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre have kindly provided some fact sheets to help patients understand and manage their condition until such time as they will be seen.

OsteoArthritis Knee  – OsteoArthritis Knee

Plantir Fasciitis  –  Plantar fasciitis

Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy  –  Rotator cuff Tendinopathy

Repetitive Strain Injury & Non-specific Upper Limb Pain  –  RS Injury & NSULP

Tennis Elbow  –  Tennis Elbow

Trigger Finger  –  Trigger Finger

Trochanteric Bursitis  –  Trochanteric bursitis

Whiplash Associated Disorder  –  Whiplash Associated Disorder