Warfarin is a drug which can prevent life threatening conditions. However, it can be dangerous if people taking it are not monitored regularly and advised which dose to take. Recent changes have been made to the way we prescribe it. This is in line with an important National Patient Safety Agency Alert which aims to improve patient safety. Section 5 of the alert is the most relevant.

When a patient requests a prescription for warfarin, the doctor must check that the necessary monitoring has been carried out. We can no longer prescribe warfarin “as directed” and the specific dose must be stated on the prescription.

Patients Who Attend Boots the Chemist for Warfarin Monitoring

Patients who attend Boots the Chemist for their warfarin monitoring will have the necessary information automatically communicated to the surgery and they do not need to submit this personally.

Patients Who Do Not Attend Boots the Chemist for Warfarin Monitoring

If you request your prescriptions using the white side of your prescription or via a pharmacist, please submit a copy or your original advice sheet from the Anticoagulation Clinic. This will be returned to you with your prescription.

If you request your medication via Patient Access, please continue to do so but also forward your monitoring information by using the Warfarin Request and Information Form.

Alternatively download a reusable form. Save it, complete and email it to prescription@summercroft.net or scan your most recent Anticoagulation Clinic advice sheet and email it to prescription@summercroft.net (pdf, TIFF or jpeg format).

We appreciate that the new system is more involved than simply requesting a prescription but the surgery is obliged to comply.



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